Professional products at home.


With German Quality.


For our products, we place great emphasis on the selection and precise processing of high quality materials. Our focus is to provide precise workmanship to deliver a reliable every day product. Especially in this area, we draw from our extensive experience in the production of our business & industrial equipment. One of the most important features is our internal quality control according to German standards and we don’t make any compromises on this. This sometimes can result in higher prices than from some of the mass market products but quality comes first


The brand Bredeco was developed for professional B2C products and is based among others on the extensive experience from our professional catering equipment B2B brand Royal Catering. We used the existing knowledge from the professional branch in order to create products such as hot air fryers, electric pizza pans and crepes maker for the private field.

With Bredeco, we focused on durability, usability and high quality to deliver the right product for your needs.


Design lays in the origin of our company and thus is one of the main factors in our product range. Bredeco, as priority household product, isdesigned by our most experienced product designers in Germany so that we can deliver a product that can also be seen at home.


As the newest and most innovative brand of the expondo group, we can draw on the experience of the whole corporate group and therefore as well stand for stability, dynamic and customer focus. Same as for all the brands of expondo, Bredeco has its focus on the customer and this is shown in all fields: Starting from the design of the product to the product development, quality control, packaging and finishing with the smallest detail our professional team always keeps the customer in mind.

Even though we are not perfect, we continually strive for improvement to fulfil your wishes.

Commitment is our promise.

Standing for brands with character and design

– making good even better.